OK City Feb. 3 (1916)

My Dear Menfolks

R. A.’s letter of Thursday arrived. Yesterday p. m. and the chickens arrived in good shape Sat. A.M. H. K. said he was going to write you so I did not. Sat. evening Ralph come over and got me and I stayed until Sunday eve. Nell & H. were over to dinner then Ralph brought us home. I want to keep the fireless cooker and in that barrel in the ally .way of the barn there are some pieces that go with the chamber set that I had in my room I want them. I think the white set in John’s room might be sold. And up in the barn there is an old lard can that is packed with dishes I want to keep those. Nell says give the doll bed to Ellen. As she expects she will have to move so much that it will not be best to keep it for Margaret. The shoes you can keep or give to some one else.

Nell says burn her hat. I think there is my hat that I will want to keep I forgot to put it away. I think it is or was on the shelf of the closet in my room.

I guess the wardrobe might as well go. John is all right about the hall tree and the hook of that is in the barn.

The pictures are not worth anything but the glass is good. I think I wrote you to sell oil stove. I think it depends on where we live about stoves and you can say as to that.

The stand with the turning top is yours and you can do with it as you like, also the Dictionary holder is yours do as you think. Jen would want it. You can ask M. if you want to give it away. I think the washing machine and the two galvanized tubs had better be saved.

If the flour can will sell I would sell it . It is so large. But as I keep saying sell what ever you want to sell… I would like it if the black office table could be fixed for a work table for me.

If you can’t sell things you can burn them

I get so nervous over your letters I feel like taking the next train home.. You would not hear of me staying and helping you and now you want me to pass on every thing do as you want to do sell or keep. I will not scold you.

Well it is near time for my treatment so I will say good-by