Speculations on Edward and Sarah Watkins

Family and others interested. Naturally redoing the site got me interested in doing more research. This time I have been doing some on our first known Watkins in the new world. I have found a book that describes more fully the context and details of Edward the Mutineer and I am coming to believe more strongly this is the same Edward who was father to our documented ancestral father Thaddeus. More interesting, I have been looking into the Checkleys and one Sarah Checkley who I now believe is likely Sarah who married Edward. The dates are a bit tenuous but can fit and the environment of where they were living etc makes me think this likely. The bad news is this Sarah was the daughter of Anthony, one of the witch trials officials. But he does have an impressive pedigree and Sarah fits the Watkins’ men pattern of marrying “up.” More later. I would be interested to hear from any Checkley descendants who might know something of Sarah beyond her birth date. The record is strangely silent while replete with information about younger female sibs

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