March 25, 2013
Jose A. Munoz

I thought you’d like this newspaper item about the birth of:

David Charles Watkins
born 28 Jun 1935
Altus, Oklahoma

The parents: C. K. Watkins
moved to Altus four months ago (Mar or Apr) from Lawton, Comanche, Oklahoma, USA

they have a daughter: Lorraine

Mr. Watkins is owner of Jewell’s Flower shop

Link to Item

Altus, Oklahoma
The Altus Times-Democrat
July 5, 1935

September 15, 2013
Thank you so much! This is precious to have. I have forwarded the link to brother David and will place it in the data base and on the web site.


Eric J. Taylor
September 5, 2013 at 7:37 pm
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I believe you have the Humphrey relations mixed up. The following is what I ahve discovered so far:
Arthur Humphrey is believed to have been born in Roxbury, Massachusetts in 1663. There is no confirmation on who his parents were. He is believed to have been raised in the Roxbury area. Arthur’s wife was Rachael Rice (September 2, 1664-February 9, 1744). She was born in Dedham, Massachusetts, the daughter of John Rice and Ann Hackley.
At the age of 26, Arthur and Rachael moved in1686 to area that became Woodstock, Massachusetts (First named New Roxbury). Massachusetts had originally acquired this land in a purchase from the Moehegan Indians. Woodstock was part of Massachusetts until May, 1749, when it was given to the Colony of Connecticut. History of the Town of Oxford, Mass. George Fisher Daniels, Hist.Ox p.552.
Arthur and Rachael were among the first settlers of Woodstock. Hist.Ox p.552; WOODSTOCK, AN Historical Sketch, Clarence Winthrop Bowen, Ph.D. 1865, p. 24. These settlers came from Roxbury, Massachusetts. It has been recorded that the couple bought/took possession of Lot #32 in Woodstock.
Arthur and Rachael are known to have had the following children:
Arthur (March 3, 1689/90)
Ebenezer (August 22, 1692 – May 19, 1784)
Rachael (June 4, 1695 – February 6, 1779)
Anne (July 3, 1698 – July 21, 1724)
Mehitable (August 22, 1700 – February 10, 1764)
John (April 15, 1702 – )
Tabitha (June 16, 1704 – )
Samuel (October 17, 1711 – October 2, 1764)

Therefore, Racael Rice was married to Arthur 1663, not Arthur 1692. Anne 1696, Mehitable 1700 and Arthur 1692 were siblings. While Arthur 1663 did live in Ashford, he was not one of the initial settlers of Ashford. He and Rachael were initial settlers of Woodstock and Ebenezer 1692 was an early settler of Oxford, Ma.
I hope this helps you.
Reply: Thank you for your input. I will put some more time into rechecking but: I have two published histories, one of Ashford and the other of Windham County that clearly place Aurthur as an original proprietor of Ashford. He appears a number of times in the History of Ashford records of the town meetings of the time. In the history of Windham County he is described as a “planter” from the Woodstock area. Thinking on this the information is all correct but it does make sense that that the Aurthur of Ashford was the older brother rather than father of Anne and Mehetible and Bickford (and we) assumed him to be the father.

September 15, 2013 at 11:47 am
I am pleased to finally have contact with Humphrey relatives. I have done some research on Rachel and father John Rice and mostly found dead ends. The family of Edwin Rice Assoc. claim John is not in their line. I am wondering if you have any information?


Cc marcia Honey Staunton
June 21, 2015 at 4:18 pm
Am trying to find rest of Honey Family. Parents of Rebecca Snow Hiney. Where is Joseph Honey buried. My son is the gGG-grandson of B.V. Honey.

Cc marcia Honey Staunton
June 21, 2015 at 4:19 pm
Honey family. Where Joseph and Rebecca buried?

2015-06-21 Cc marcia Honey Staunton [Honey family. Where Joseph and Rebecca buried?

April 13, 2016 at 4:44 pm
Sorry to just now noticing this. I have decreased my research the past few years. The Joseph Honey I know was I believe brother of my ancestor Mary. The whole family which had been residing in Vermont moved to Ohio and then Joseph and other family moved on to Kansas. Here is a link to his mention in the history of Kansas. There is also a lot of rich information in the NH geneaolgy pages. Judy Sharp of the Baxter Co. Arkansas historical soc, has a good bit on the Honey’s her grandfather was a son of Mary and half brother to my Watkins ancestor.

You may contact me by replying to this post I will be hapy to help. You also might get some info from the book I think it’s about $6.00 ebooik format. There is a lot of chatter mentioning the various family members in the ohio/wis letters and also a lot of history in the Emma Reynolds letters in the Oklahoma set. Hop I am not too late getting back to you

Gail Watkins
October 20, 2016 at 11:29 pm

I am very interested in the genealogy of both Edward and Sarah Watkins. My husband is a direct descendant of William, one of his sons. After Boston, many of the sons moved to Ashford, CT. My husband’s line through Amasa Watkins moved to Walpole, New Hampshire. Several years ago I did travel to Ashford and found Amasa’s and his wife’s graves in the old cemetery in Eastford, CT. Apparently, that part of Ashford became Eastford. Many people from that area moved up to Connecticut River to settlements in NH and Vermont.